Our Vision...

"We are a studio guided by the basic principle of making the most stimulating and rewarding game experience possible, driven by passion and logic not money and greed."

What We Build...

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is a intense third/first-person shooter set in the distant future after a planetary takeover of Earth. Your cruiser the only one to escape, emerges from a black hole, then crash lands onto a dangerous alien planet. The probable last standing survivors of humanity, must choose to work together or fall apart against uncanny vile creatures and harsh planetary disasters. Featuring cooperative action, an expansive mysterious world full of wonder and danger to be explored. Project Phoenix promises an action filled unique and rewarding experience.

Who We Are...

At SPAR Studios, we believe in making games great again. That means being free of corporate deadlines, price targets, false advertising, pay walls and basically anything else that would impeed upon a products greatness or lifespan. Our mission is to make great games with great content that connects people around the planet. Our game focus is on teamwork, we want players tackling the big challenges, solving the seemingly impossible and exploring the danger of unknown environments.

Our Team...

James Sparmine

Creative Director/Producer

Nouman Waheed


Nedgardo Otero

3D Artist/Animator

Isaac Juncal


Sherley BA

Marketing/Social Media

Julian Bates


Build With Us...

Spar Studios is currently open to volunteers across all departments to further develop our flagship title "Project Phoenix". We're looking for talented, self-motivated teammates with knowledge and passion. Join our team in building stimulating gameplay, expanding in-depth environments and unforgettable experiences to the world.